Pibox, a remote collaboration solution for audio content, has raised € 150,000 in funding

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Pibox is a centralized/all-in-one remote collaboration solution developed for working with creative collaboration. Currently, it is geared towards audio content collaboration, but Pibox has also sparked interest among video content creators. 

Pibox is used daily by the head of a production, music producers, managers and sound engineers. Pibox is currently used by several large companies such as Universal Music and Epidemic Sound.

Pibox has now raised € 150,000 in funding, of which € 100,000 comes from the Pitchdrive fund developed by the founders of the Rydoo app. Other members of the financing round are angel investors, including:

1. Kaspar Hanni: angel investor, Ballpark Ventures (member), Estonian Business Angels Network, Ekspress Grupp AS (board member).

2. Roman Nováček: angel Investor, Pesto Ventures (partner)

3. Oleksandr Sazonov. angel Investor, Competera Pricing Platform (Founder / CFO)

Pibox transforms/changes creative collaboration with the help of popular communications apps

Pibox was launched in 2018. The solution first raised interest among music producers, sound technicians and recording studios, after which major media technology companies (Universal Music and Epidemic Sound) partnered with Pibox.

Pibox is changing the way of collaboration creatively by combining the most popular communication features with creative technology. The solution is extremely user-friendly, as it combines a professional workflow with the ease of use of everyday and popular applications.

When an audio track is loaded into the Pibox, its visualized waveform can be commented on, highlighted, and marked with problems in mixing, for example. Pibox stores mix version history that can be utilized in projects that require multiple versions. Comments appear in the to-do lists of team members. Pibox also giving rich API and automation scenarios, so companies can create unique workflows.

Pibox has all of this, among other things:

  • team chat (Slack)
  • cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive)
  • project management (Trello, To-Do’s)
  • rich content collaboration, including SoundCloud-like comment possibility

Teams are actually moving from services mentioned in the list to a single solution — Pibox, which contains all the above.

Watch the video ”Pibox – smart way to organize audio collaboration”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt0QhR4VeTI

Pibox teams work in Finland and Ukraine

Pibox is a Finnish company with teams located in Helsinki and Ukraine. The founders of the company are brothers Ivan (musician) and Pavlo (designer, creative art director).

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CEO Ivan Talaychuk has previously worked as a music producer when he noticed challenges in online collaboration processes. The Talaychuk brothers have visited Nashville recording studios and record companies to map out their customers ’problems.

Pibox is a unique solution for collaborative workflows designed with the help of major music companies and music technology innovators. Pibox is currently used by audio, video and podcast creating companies and teams.

More information about Pibox:

  • Pibox was involved in the Startup Wise Guys and Accelerace Soundtech acceleration programs, the latter of which have been implemented with Harman and Bang & Olufsen.
  • Pibox has won a Better Sound 2020 award in the Services and Sound Start-ups category.
  • Pibox is also supported by Business Finland.

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